Vegan Marshmallows

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  1. […] you COULD make your own vegan marshmallows, I chose to use Dandies Brand. They’re awesome, super fluffy, and have a vanilla flavor which […]

  2. […] They say “Happiness is homemade” for a good reason – there’s something about knowing where all the ingredients come from and cooking for yourself.There’s a lot of vegan marshmallow recipes out there, but the absolute best has to be this one from Healthy Vitties: […]

  3. Amy says:

    Could you sub with maple syrup?

    • Gina Fontana says:

      I don’t think maple syrup would be thick enough… the tapioca syrup is a corn syrup replacement, so you could use that- I just like tapioca syrup because it’s grain free and has a lower glycemic index

  4. Karren Spencer says:

    Hi just wondering should i put this in the fridge for the 3+hrs or leave on the counter.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Hi Gina,

    First time on your site while looking for vegan marshmallows for our upcoming bonfire and thought I’d just give it a go. They are absolutely perfect! Mine firmed up in a few hours. I used brown rice syrup and agar flakes as I didn’t have powder. The brown rice syrup didn’t alter the colour at all. Can’t wait to try the fluff on lemon meringue tarts.

    Thank you!

    • Gina Fontana says:

      Hi Charlotte! Aw yay!! I am so happy to hear they turned out well and that you liked them 🙂 Also glad they worked with brown rice syrup as I actually haven’t tried that! Using the fluff on lemon meringue tarts would be amazing! I’ve been wanting to do that also 😉 Thanks for your kind comment!

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