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My newest cookbook is here!

simple & flavorful gluten-free, vegan & Plant-Based recipes anyone can make and everyone will enjoy

If you’re looking for delicious recipes that are sneakily gluten-free and vegan, look no further! Gina Fontana, creator of the Healthy Little Vittles blog, has collected some of her favorite gluten-free, vegan recipes and published them into this beautiful 50-recipe, full color photograph cookbook. 

Whether you’re looking to include more vegan and plant-based meals into your life or you need to consume a gluten-free diet for health reasons, this book will offer delicious options that happen to be both gluten-free AND vegan, but still satisfy your tastebuds with every bite!

Chapters are organized in common categories like breakfast, snacks & appetizers, main dishes, salads, soups, drinks, and desserts. Healthy Little Vittles Everyday strives to bring simple and flavorful recipes to your table, that anyone can make and everyone will enjoy.

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