Naturally Sweetened Instant Pot Apple Butter

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  1. Gloria Thompson says:

    can i half the recipe? i dont have coconut sugar what can i sub. what would cook time be

  2. Blake says:

    How well does it scale up in the IP? What about shelf stable? Would I be able to preserve in a water bath with jars? I have thought about selling some in my shop and would love it if this could be done.

    • Gina Fontana says:

      Hi Blake, I’m sorry I am not sure how to answer your questions. We eat it too fast at my house, haha. I did freeze some and that worked well, but I’m not sure if it would be shelf stable or if it could be preserved. I don’t have much experience with canning, but could be something to explore in the future!

  3. Jesse says:

    The apples look AMAZING! So does the Apple Butter. This is a new thing for me, being that I’m Australian and it’s not really something we find here. But I’m going to give it a try in my brand new Instant Pot.
    Out of curiosity, what kind of apples are they? They look so lovely. I will try to find something as close as possible to it.

    • Gina Fontana says:

      Hi Jesse! I used golden delicious apples in this recipe, but I think any apple would work, maybe just pick out a sweeter variety of apple. Hope you like it!

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